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  • Crowdfunding
  • Venture Capital
  • Capital markets
  • Gaming and IT
  • Startups

Our law firm provides legal services in the field of crowdfunding, from the creation, through the operation of crowdfunding platforms, to the adaptation to the current applicable provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on...

Most of the times everything starts with an idea. Its implementation, however, requires the acquisition of appropriate financing. Capital investments enable innovative projects, beginning and continuing the development of the modern economy and changing the world around us, providing investors...

The banking system is the origin of the economy. Its proper functioning is virtually impossible without a well-functioning capital market. 

We live in a world of new technologies, it surrounds us every day, we meet it at every turn. For us, it is a natural environment. We see how significantly new information and technological solutions are becoming an engine for...

The implementation of any innovative project requires adequate financing. For its acquisition, both in the first stage and in subsequent stages of development, it is necessary to place the venture in a proper organizational and legal structure, ensuring security and...


Our team consists of lawyers who are  declared to look for non-standard, often innovative solutions in providing legal services. We perceive law as an instrument for achieving our and our clients’ business goals.