Capital markets

The banking system is the origin of the economy. Its proper functioning is virtually impossible without a well-functioning capital market. 

We advise alternative investment companies, brokerage houses, as well as leasing and lending companies on product creation and distribution, regulatory proceedings and corporate services. We are well acquainted with the principles of such organizations, their needs and expectations. As a result, we offer solutions that are not only suitable for individual requirements, but also defined as innovative. 

Our lawyers have been supporting capital market participants for many years, both in the areas of issuing and offering securities, as well as investments in public companies. Taking into consideration and understanding the needs of issuers and the expectations of investors, we advise on the selection of an appropriate transaction structure and the creation of a legal framework for financial instruments.

We advise on:

  • The creation of financial products and services, particularly in the areas of payment services, investment products and factoring services.
  • Development of business process frameworks for offering financial services.
  • Public and private issues of financial instruments.
  • Transactions for the acquisition and disposal of financial instruments,
  • Development of capital raising strategies and legal frameworks for offering financial instruments.
  • Marketing of financial instruments.
  • Performance of information duties of public companies.
  • Proceedings before the Financial Supervisory Commission or other supervisory authorities.
  • Restructuring of debt to financial institutions.
  • Development of internal regulations related to the functioning of financial institutions and capital market participants.