Corporate service

The use of professional legal assistance during day-to-day operations demonstrates conscious management of legal risks occurring in business and counteracting risks that may arise anytime, regardless of the size of the enterprise. Preventive measures also becomes essential when there is a  need to use a lawyer in critical situations, when it is often already difficult to find exclusively favorable solutions. In the long run, this is the most optimal solution, often much cheaper than responding to emergency situations alone.

Ongoing corporate services that allow us to participate in the daily operation of our client’s company. We advise on day-to-day operations, help solve emerging problems, set directions, point out available solutions. We navigate the daily functioning of each enterprise. We participate in its development. Because of our ongoing cooperation, we have acknowledged the specifics of the client’s industry and how it is functioning. This knowledge, deriving from our experience, allows us to provide the most effective advisory, as a result of which the Client has permanent legal assistance, which directly leads to the safety of the business and the effectiveness of the activities carried out.

As part of ongoing corporate services:

  • We provide professional, ongoing support in the course of the daily activities of entrepreneurs.
  • We advise on the organizational structure of the company or group of companies.
  • We support the creation and introduction of new products and services.
  • We advise on employment and human resource management issues.
  • We prepare corporate documents and company’s internal regulations.
  • We provide direct contact by phone, e-mail or in person with dedicated lawyers who provide immediate assistance in emerging legal problems.
  • We indicate courses of action and propose solutions.
  • We continuously analyze the contractual templates used indicating suggested modifications and updates.
  • We provide access to periodic information about key changes in the legal environment for the client.
  • We prepare letters, applications and contracts, at the request of the client.
  • We participate in meetings or negotiations of our clients.
  • We develop litigation strategies, prepare lawsuits or motions, represent clients in court, enforcement and collateral proceedings.