The Internet provides virtually unlimited opportunities for selling goods and services. Optimal design of sales processes, together with the use of appropriate marketing tools, we find as the key to success in this industry. However, the whole thing must be set in a specific legal framework.

We are impressed by the dynamics of e-commerce development. We are surprised by the creativity and ingenuity of our clients. It is a great pleasure and often a considerable intellectual challenge for us to dress their ideas and concepts in legal robes.

We took an active part in designing the functioning of online stores, affiliate network services, or platforms through which financial services are provided, including electronic banking systems, or social lending and equity crowdfunding platforms. We understand the industry, the processes involved and the goals set. The services we offer are aimed at those who are just entering the world of e-commerce, as well as those who are already thriving in this market.

We support in the area of:

  • Developing and auditing regulations for the provision of electronic services, privacy policies and rules for the use of cookies.
  • Creation or development of online stores or websites, including optimization of the processes involved (conclusion of contracts, taking and confirming orders and handling non-cash payments).
  • Internet marketing, including sending commercial information.
  • Relations between technology providers and customers (including negotiation of intellectual property agreements, software implementation, SLAs).
  • Protection against acts of unfair competition in the environment of electronic platforms.
  • Disputes related to the operation of e-business.