Gaming and IT

We live in a world of new technologies, it surrounds us every day, we meet it at every turn. For us, it is a natural environment. We see how significantly new information and technological solutions are becoming an engine for the development of economies and humanity. By advising, we take an active part in this process.

We fully understand the processes taking place in organizations and the impact that IT and technological solutions have on them. As a result, our participation in projects, in addition to legal advice, also includes support in adapting the results of the work carried out to the business needs of the recipient.

We have participated in the implementation of IT projects at various stages, from the development of business requirements and specifications, through contract negotiations, to the implementation of selected solutions, representing both ordering parties and suppliers. We provide professional support in protecting rights to software, inventions and other innovative solutions.

We provide support in:

  • Development and implementation of an intellectual property rights protection strategy.
  • Preparation and negotiation of implementation, outsourcing, service and SLA agreements.
  • Preparation and negotiation of agreements transferring intellectual property rights, license agreements and confidentiality agreements.
  • Representation in litigation related to infringements of copyright, including software, Internet domain rights, name or trademark rights, and acts of unfair competition related to intellectual property.
  • Implementations of information systems.
  • Conducting legal audits in the field of intellectual property (employee works, verification of license agreements or agreements transferring copyrights).