Personal data

Data processing is an indisputable and integral part of business enviroment. We deal with the use, sharing or archiving of data on customers, contractors or employees every day. Access to certain personal data creates new opportunities for companies, creating new services and optimizing costs.

However, it all  can raise a serious legal, financial and even criminal risks if the right solutions are not applied in the situation given.

Protection of personal data in extended groups of companies, or in the case of outsourcing of services, are areas in which we have extensive experience resulting from many years of servicing such entities. We provide comprehensive solutions for personal data processing in both IT projects or e-commerce ventures, as well as in connection with the distribution of financial products and services. We also support small and medium-sized companies operating in other industries to ensure that data processing complies with applicable regulations and protects against risks associated with data breaches.

We advise on:

  • Conducting audits of the compliance of business practices (data flow) with personal data protection law and making recommendations.
  • Drafting documentation of personal data sets and making their notifications.
  • Preparing analyses and opinions on the risks of data processing, the risk of violations of data protection laws, and the permissible scope of data processing to achieve business intentions.
  • Supporting supervised entities in financial markets in regulatory aspects of outsourcing.
  • Drafting agreements on the use of personal data and preparing full documentation of their processing and procedures related to outsourcing.
  • Representing clients before administrative authorities in matters related to data processing and information security (GIODO, PFSA).