The implementation of any innovative project requires adequate financing. For its acquisition, both in the first stage and in subsequent stages of development, it is necessary to place the venture in a proper organizational and legal structure, ensuring security and harmonious cooperation of all parties involved.

Our support is dedicated to those who start to to implement the business ideas and concepts they have developed. We know how much commitment and effort  is required in order to develop the technologies used in the products or services offered, to acquire the first customers as well as to seek investors. That’s why we offer preparation of the legal framework of the venture as a basis for its further development, support in the field of protection of intellectual property rights, corporate structure, implementation of incentive plans, as well as in the field of financing methods and investor presentations. What is more, we support startups during investment processes, from work on term-sheet and preparation of due diligence, to negotiation of the investment agreement and advice on implementation of its provisions and post-investment obligations.

Many years of cooperation with “business angels” and financial and industry investors have allowed us to thoroughly understand their expectations, as well as identify the areas generating the greatest risks for the parties to capital transactions. According to this fact, the solutions we propose allow us to make  the negotiation time as short as possible and efficiently raise funds from potential investors.

While developing a plan of action – both the scope of services, as well as the cost of their implementation and the structure of payments – we make our best to adjust them to the current status of the development of the project, focusing primarily on long-term cooperation.

How do we operate and what do we deliver?

  • We develop the organizational structure of the venture, taking into account the potential markets for the products or services offered and the possibilities of obtaining financing.
  • We prepare and implement a strategy for the protection of intellectual property rights.
  • We advise in the selection of financing structure, taking into account available forms of financing and financial instruments.
  • We support in the preparation of investor presentations.
  • We advise on the due diligence process, including on behalf of the financing seeker (vendor due diligence), as well as on the preparation of data for examination (data room).
  • We create transaction documentation.
  • We assist in negotiating the terms of investment or sale of the venture.
  • We advise on the development of the legal framework for products or services.
  • We draft distribution agreements.