Marcin Kopacki

About me

Marcin Kopacki is an attorney trainee and a doctoral student at the Department of Civil Procedure at the University of Wroclaw. He has been involved in litigation for many years, both before judicial courts and arbitration procedures. As an experienced - litigator, he is aware of the economic risks of litigation and in his practice seeks ways to maximize the interests of the client, including the use of alternative methods of dispute resolution such as negotiation or mediation.


Marcin gained his professional experience by working in various types of law firms, starting from small one-person law firms, through leading law firms in Wroclaw, as well as working in an international law firm. Within his professional practice, he has worked with both small entrepreneurs and global entities, which provides him with the flexibility to understand clients’ needs. 

At the Faculty of Law of the University of Wroclaw, Marcin conducts classes for  students in civil procedure and enforcement proceedings.