Venture Capital

Most of the times everything starts with an idea. Its implementation, however, requires the acquisition of appropriate financing. Capital investments enable innovative projects, beginning and continuing the development of the modern economy and changing the world around us, providing investors with opportunities for above-average returns.

On a day-to-day basis, we advise private equity and venture capital funds on the establishment of their organizational structure, the processes of obtaining the relevant permits and other regulatory issues, as well as the process of raising capital. What is more, what constitute an essential scope of our activity, we support in the transactions carried out by the funds as part of the creation of the investment portfolio and management of the risks associated with the investments carried out.

Thanks to our close and long-term cooperation with both active investors and those seeking financing, we understand their expectations and concerns very well. We also know that in case of conflict, the biggest loser will be mutual interest of both parties. The solutions we provide consist on comprehensive support for the entire investment process, from the preparation of the transaction, its execution and supervision of the fulfillment of the parties’ obligations, to the exit of the investment, in the way that minimizes the risk of disputes between the parties, with attention to their harmonious cooperation.

We advise on:

  • The organization of the fund.
  • Defining the rights and obligations of the manager and investors.
  • In proceedings aimed at obtaining relevant permits and other regulatory issues.
  • Selection of the form and structure of financing and the investment decision-making process.
  • Preparation and conduct of due diligence reports.
  • Development of the optimal transaction structure and its planned course.
  • Representation in negotiations.
  • Preparation of transaction documentation, in particular investment agreements, contracts for the sale of shares or stocks, shareholders’ agreements.
  • Supervision of the fulfillment of obligations specified in the investment documentation.
  • Development of the structure and helping to perform the investment exit transaction.