Jędrzej Szymczyk, LL.M.

About me

Jędrzej Szymczyk is a legal advisor specializing in providing legal services to venture capital and private equity funds and entities in the new technology industry, particularly in ongoing investment rounds. In addition, he advises on capital market law and M&A transactions. In his previous professional practice, he supported venture capital funds and “business angels” in their ongoing investments, including investment rounds with the participation of foreign investors (USA, India, Austria, Germany, UK). He has participated in capital investment projects in ventures at an early stage of development (start-up). He also supports venture capital funds with public funding, including under the PFR Starter and BRIdge Alpha programs. He has gained professional experience working with a leading Polish capital group operating in the financial services market, as well as at a law firm specializing in intellectual property law based in Chicago. Jędrzej is a graduate of the University of Wrocław, as well as the Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago Kent College of Law in Chicago, where he earned an LL.M. degree in International & Transnational Law. He is fluent in English. He is a member of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Wroclaw. Jędrzej's passion is alpine skiing. He is still an active racer and co-founder of racing group Nartomaniak.pl.


In his practice, Jędrzej advised:

  • In public offerings of shares transaction, including the first issue of shares of an American company in Poland carried out under the equity crowdfunding model,
  • In the processes of establishing private equity and venture capital funds in terms of (i) determining the organizational structure, (ii) defining the rights and obligations of partners (iii) developing procedures for raising capital, making investment decisions and implementing investments,
  • In the negotiation of an investment agreement for the establishment of the Arkley Brinc VC fund under the Starter FIZ program, with a target capitalization of approximately PLN 56 million.
  • To the Polish leasing company in the process of acquisition and spin-off of one of the leaders in the vehicle leasing market in Poland.
  • To venture capital funds in capital transactions carried out with the support of public funds under the Bridge Alpha program managed by the National Research and Development Center.
  • For venture capital fund investments carried out in foreign markets, in the United States, Austria and the Netherlands.